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"This exclusive halter presentation set designed by Nancy Gates of Heirloom Halters for our exquisite Lady Mystique M is truly an expression of pure art. Nancy and I designed this together with her natural gift of design, color selection and genius along with my desires for look. Nancy, you are amazing and Lady Mystique M looks fantastic, just like you said she would. Thank you so much for this incredibly beautiful creation."

Photo credit: Stephanie Hansen
Used with permission

Ken & RaNae Bangerter
RaeKen Arabians

"The halter and breast collar set that Nancy Gates of Heirloom Halters made for my stallion Selket Marque is truly a work of art. Nancy and I talked about what I wanted, then Nancy sent me several color and style samples. Once I made my selection, Nancy went to work crafting an incredibly beautiful, high quality one of a kind set that Marque wears proudly. Thank you Nancy for creating just want I wanted and for being so easy to work with, I know I can be difficult sometimes!"

Photo by Daryl Larsen
Used with permission

David Cains
Stonewall Farm Arabians
Scottsdale, AZ

We purchased a beautiful Heirloom halter for the 2010 Las Vegas Arabian Breeders World Cup show to use for the lovely black mare WP Black Pearl. The emerald crystals sparkled under the lights in the arena and it looked really stunning on her. Heirloom halters are well constructed and machine reinforced so they are strong enough to be used in the show ring. I would highly recommend Heirloom for their beautiful show halters."

Photo by Suzanne Sturgill
Owned by: Manny & Diana Vierra Valley Oak Arabians
Used with permission

Bryan Jeffries
Lyday Farms
Honey Grove, TX

What a treasured and beautiful sight to behold! The lovely Ansata Samiha wearing the "Blue Lotus" Heirloom 2 piece halter set. Nancys' designs originate from the heart and one feels her love and devotion for the Arabian horse in each piece she creates. Unique, finely detailed, and hand sewn with great care, it is the perfect ensemble for such a special mare. Thank you Nancy for sharing in the joy."

Photo by Jeff Little
Used with permission

Mauri Chase
Chase Arabians
Aubrey TX

"We absolutely LOVE our halter set from Heirloom Arabian Halters. We were so pleased with the response we received from the crowd at the Egyptian Event Stallion Stallion Showcase. Everyone commented on how stunning Simeon Sochain's set was, even the professional photographer Polly Knoll who said she saw it from across the arena and was compelled to come over and see it close up. She thought it was so gorgeous even from where she was standing on the other side of the arena.

I would have to say that this is the most beautiful halter set I have ever seen anywhere and it really compliments Sochain."

Photo by Brandy Johnson
Used with permission

Simeon Sochain Partnership
Carol Maginn, Manager
Bear Creek Ranch
Lockhart, Texas

"The halter set furnished for Nagib?s photo shoot by Nancy Gates of Heirloom Arabian Halters was stunning! PWA Nagib Shah looked so good in all his pictures shot in the halter set. The creative design of each of Nancy?s halter sets just fascinates me. She has an uncanny ability to design the halter sets in a way that will accentuate each horse. Thank you Nancy for helping pick the proper set for Nagib for his photo shoot?it was ?spot on?! Nancy?s love for the Arabian horse shines through in every one of her halter sets.
I would highly recommend Heirloom Halters to anyone wanting to purchase that special halter or set for their horse!"

Photo by Melinda Jeffries
Used with permission

Cameron Thornberg
Caledonia Arabians
Rugby, ND

"I love my the new Heirloom Arabian Halter for Hassan SA (by Simeon Sachi) - pictured left. The workmanship is unbelievable and the quality of the materials used are really something I've never seen, and I've purchased many halters for our farm. My halter arrived in a beautiful box, wrapped in a gold and white gift wrap. It truly felt just like Christmas! In fact I was so impressed with my halter that I bought 2 more and I am really excited about photographing my horses in them!"

Carol Maginn photo
Used with permission

Carol Maginn
Bear Creek Ranch
Lockhart, TX

"Immell is so proud of his new Heirloom Arabian custom designed halter set. He never had anything that fit so well or looked so beautiful on him. He's so funny - when people come to visit he knows he will get to "dress up". His eyes just light up when he see's his set. When he shows, he seems to stand a little taller and tries a little harder. He just loves it! Nancy, this halter set has put the spark back in Immell. Thank you so much."

Sue Burnham
Hope Farms Arabians
Mena, Arkansas


"Anyone looking for exclusive, breathtaking Arabian halters and breastplates should look to Heirloom designs by Nancy Gates. Her background as an Arabian horse breeder and her knowledge of the breed lends authenticity to the magnificent creations she has made for Ansata and Highview Egyptian Stud. Having introduced Nancy to Arabian horses years ago, I know her integrity and high work ethic. Her eye for a beautiful Arabian horse and her intuitive artistic ability have joined together in developing her new venture: signature creations by Heirloom. A joy to behold, a treasure to own."

Judith Forbis
Ansata Arabian
Stud Mena, Arkansas